How we work:

If you'd like to commission a piece, come to us with your ideas and we'll begin with a consultation. If possible, Celise will visit the site specific spot in mind to get a feel for the space and surroundings. If a visit is not possible, photos and dimensions will be exchanged by phone and email. Once we have an overview of what you're looking for we'll discuss price range and timeline and begin some design sketches. A design concept will be finalized and we'll give you an estimate and agree on a budget. At this point we ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit and we'll get started. We encourage visits to our workshop so you can see our work process firsthand. When your commission is complete, we'll install, deliver or ship your piece.

Our customers are always surprised by the quality of our hand-made work. You'll get more than what you expect and the work is made to last.

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